The 1900's in the year of 2015

You can make anything happen in a photoshoot... if you are willing to plan! This past year, my friend Laura Kate Ryan and I worked on a vintage series of styled shoots. You might think it would be complicated to make something in the year of 2015 look like the early 1900’s, but with a lot of brainstorming and talking to Laura Kate it actually wasn't that hard. First, decide on a location for the shoot. Then your next step is to make the clothing match. Once you have the model, location, clothing and accessories- all that's left is to make the shoot happen. One of the key things for a photoshoot is to make sure that everything flows. But the most important thing to me is to have fun and accomplish the look and feel that I want portrayed in my photographs. 

Here are some pictures from our series we have been working on!