The Drollette Journey

Elizabeth and I have been engaged for three years today and married for a little over two years. I must say that they have been the best years of my life! There are so many things I enjoy doing with Elizabeth, but one of my favorites has been being able to travel with her.

We started our travel log on our honeymoon where we went to Boston, Massachusetts and Bar Harbor, Maine. Since then we have been to San Francisco, Dallas, Orlando, Savannah, Charleston, Callaway, and Flagstaff, Page, Tucson, AZ and Grand Cayman. We also got the chance to go on a mission trip to Haiti. There have been a few spontaneous beach trips thrown in there too.  I love this map that Elizabeth put together that has a pin of everywhere we have been. (Sidenote from Elizabeth: I think it's time to add some pins in Europe, babe! ;) ) She also created a shadow box that is full of plane tickets, football tickets, movie stubs, international money, and even mardi gras beads from when we went to Mobile. 

Here are some images from the adventures that we have been on. Enjoy!