A&P Social

Today, I'm going to share something a little different from weddings and portraits. Over the last year, I have been dabbling in food photography, and I have really enjoyed it. It's something new and exciting! A&P Social has been my favorite restaurant to shoot so far. It's not just because their food is incredible and colorful, but also because their staff is amazing!

The new chef, Randal Gresham, Jr and his wife Jean, are such a lovely couple! Elizabeth and I actually had the privilege to photograph their wedding last year. It was absolutely beautiful, and they had the best reception food we've ever eaten! The general manager, Taylor Hardy, is incredible to work with. He's always supportive and just a down to earth guy. Lastly, I get to work with my good friend Rachel Robbins. Rachel and I actually went to high school together. Rachel works at Matter Design here in Montgomery and does all of the incredible designing for A&P Social.

Here are some of my favorite pictures that I have photographed for them. If you're not sure what to have for dinner tonight, drive on down to Old Cloverdale and check this place out. You will not be disappointed!