Matty Drollette

About Matty



Hi! I am Matty and I am the little, yet cooler, sibling in the Drollette family! When I was five-years-old, I moved to Montgomery from Massena, New York with my brother Nick. Even though my brother has been taking photos for what seems like a decade, I started getting into it two years ago.

I started off my photography career with film, and the first roll I ever shot was at the Alabama National Fair. I've been hooked ever since then!

I am an associate photographer at Nick Drollette Photography, and I love what I do because I get to capture the beauty that I see in the world. My specialty is Portraiture, which is taking pictures of families, events and fashion.

My dog’s name is Emma and I have a little turtle named Michelangelo (Cowabunga!) I love to jam out to music anytime of the day, especially if it is Taylor Swift. I have dance parties daily and I love to sing, go on road trips and drink good coffee.

One thing that I think is unique is I love to do all of my shoots with music because everyone likes music and it tends to make everything less awkward.

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